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AAMS Fees and Services

Case Opening Fee: $25 (non-refundable)

A mediation session is up to 3 hours in duration. Each party's fee for each of the first two mediation sessions, payable before each session, is set according to the sliding scale set forth below, based on each party's individual income and/or the circumstances of the situation. After a second session, the fee is a flat rate of $150 per party per hour. Fees are payable before each session.

Disputes that do not go to mediation but are resolved with the assistance of A.A.M.S. are subject to the sliding scale fee, payable by each party.

Initial Filing Fee: $100 due from the Claimant at the time of filing a Demand for Arbitration or $50 from each party at the time of filing an Arbitration Submission Agreement.

An arbitration hearing is up to 3 hours in duration. Arbitration fees for the arbitration hearing and for pre-arbitration and post-arbitration proceedings are based on the sliding scale fee and charged to each party. Time that the arbitrator spends on pre-arbitration proceedings, such as conference calls and reviewing pre-arbitration briefs, or on post-arbitration proceedings, such as review of post-arbitration submissions and drafting the award, are to be included in calculation of the total fee. After six hours, the fee is a flat rate of $200 per party per hour.

Any party requesting a continuance is required to pay a postponement fee of $100.

50% of the cancelling party’s sliding scale fee for any party cancelling a mediation within 24 hours of scheduled session.

Facilitations are tailored to suit the needs of a group or an organization. All facilitations include pre-meeting planning and interview, and one or more facilitation sessions of up to 3 hours each. Call your local area CLA Office for more details.

Individual Gross Income:
$0 - 25,000 Fee $25
$25,001 - 50,000 Fee $50
$50,001 - 75,000 Fee $75
$75,001 - 100,000 Fee $100
$100,001 -200,000 Fee $250
$201,000- 500,000 Fee $500
$500,001 or more Fee $1000

Business/Organization Gross Income:
$0 - 50,000 Fee $50
$50,001- 100,000 Fee $100
$100,001- 200,000 Fee $250
$200,001- 500,000 Fee $500
$500,001- 1,000,000 Fee $1000
$1,000,001 or more Fee $1500

*Fees are confidential, and all parties pay their own fees based on the sliding scale.
*Room rental and other out-of-pocket expenses may apply.
*Sessions may be cancelled by AAMS if fees are not paid before the scheduled session.
*For all credit card payments over $100, AAMS charges an extra 3% for processing.

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Download a copy of our Fee Schedule here:

AAMS Fee Schedule

AAMS Arbitration Fee Schedule



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